Nutrisystem Celebrity Women Who Lost Weight

Check out these celebrity women who have lost weight using the Nutrisystem program.

Celebrity Women who lost weight with Nutrisystem.

International Pop Singer Belinda Carlisle
“It’s so easy.”
Though she calls France home, Belinda is always jet-setting around the world. Thanks to the ease of Nutrisystem she lost weight without having to slow down her lifestyle.

TV Host Jillian Reynolds
“I love the food”
Jillian loves to eat, but she gave up carbs for years to stay in shape. So enjoying gourmet cuisine like her favorite-lasagna- and loosen weight with Nutrisystem was heaven!

Entertainer Marie Osmond
“It’s a great value!”
As a mom of eight kids, entertainer Marie loves a good value. And for as little as $3 a meal to lose weight and feel great, she thinks Nutrisystem is the best investment ever!

The Nutrisystem diet has worked for many celebrities and

Nutrisystem for Women


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