Bowflex HVT Trainer Hybrid Velocity Training Cardio and Strength Machine

The Bowflex HVT Trainer

The Bowflex HVT Trainer workout machine’s unique sequence of combination movements helps to achieve a full body work out. Bowflex Hybrid Velocity Training holds the secret to ramping up your body’s fat burning to shed those unwanted pounds.

2 in 1 Cardio and Strength Exercise Machine!

Bowflex HVT Trainer

2 Workouts in 1 – Cardio as well as Strength Bowflex HVT Trainer Hybrid Velocity Training

Cardio alone may not be able to give you that sculpted figure your desire. Strength training alone, may not shed adequate calories you desire. The goal is to get your body in a fat burning mode. However, the Bowflex Hybrid Velocity Training machine does it all. It combines cardio and also strength training into the fastest and most efficient workouts ever created. By supplying two exercises in one, this Bowflex fitness machine can assist you to develop muscle as well as melt fat all at the same time to attain the fit, lean, toned body you’ve always wanted.

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The trainer is quick as well as useful. Achieve a full-body strength and cardio workout in just 18 minutes! Build on your routines. Save time by burning fat and getting lean muscle mass. Every Bowflex Hybrid Velocity Trainer exercise program integrates short bursts Circuit, Builder, or develop your very own in Manual mode by picking from the 50 tasks supplied to guide you every action of the means.

All NEW Bowflex HVT exercise equipment. It’s Hybrid Velocity Training – cardio as well as strength combined into one of the most efficient exercises ever before developed. The Bowflex machine uses Hybrid Velocity Training, a one-of-a-kind strategy for physical fitness that incorporates cardio and strength training right into among the fastest and also most effective workouts ever before developed.

The Bowflex Hybrid Velocity Trainer uses the concept of Hybrid Velocity Training to supply a dual-action exercise that incorporates cardio training and resistance strength training.

bowflex hvt new fitness machine

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Built-In Motivation and Coaching App

The FREE HVT App includes individual training. Choose from 3 pre-programmed activities developed to motivate you! Build your regimen in manual mode and also check out 50 trainer videos formed for every physical fitness level. With modern technology similar to this, you may become a Hybrid Velocity Professional from the instant you step foot on this exercise platform.

How many minutes to get a full body workout on the Bowflex HVT?

Get a total body workout in about eighteen minutes! The HVT combines quick bursts of cardio with dynamic, full-body movements to help maximize muscle toning. Get a high-intensity workout in less than 20 minutes!

Save Space with the Bowflex Hybrid Velocity Trainer Training Machine – 2 Workouts in the Space of One! The all-new Bowflex HVT APP has whatever you should need to start. Whether you’re a newbie or a sophisticated athlete, you’ll find the motivation you require: Builder, Sprint and Circuit workouts along with the ability to develop your very own! Track your Total Power rating to press your restrictions, receive rewards for accomplishing your objectives and track your progression as you shed calories as well as develop muscle with 50 trainers led video clips! The mobile application has personalized exercise programs for people of all fitness degrees.

What does the overall power score suggest?

Throughout a workout, a total power score for each exercise based on the speed at which the cable and, the amount of resistance as well as the range of movement. The range of activity is a mix of the body weight in the user profile, body language, and pulling of the cord. Even a tiny score boost shows a considerable shift in the User’s fitness degree.

The HVT comes with an LCD/LED display screen which shows overall time; overall calories shed, Total Power score as well as the level of resistance. To access the FREE HVT App and 50 trainer-led video clips during your workout, HVT is outfitted with a solid media rack and securing the device to hold your phone, tablet or training overview securely in position.

Hybrid Velocity Training releases the best burn that helps to ramp up your metabolic process as well as burning calories, producing an afterburning effect that melts calories for hours after you exercise— even while you rest! No longer does it require extensive hours at the fitness center.

The HVT device is a breakthrough, combining strength and also cardio right into one of the fastest and most reliable exercises ever before developed. Hybrid Velocity Training will enable you to build muscular tissue and melt fat all at the lean, toned body you’ve always wanted.

HVT Squat

The All-New Bowflex HVT Trainer

Velocity Hybrid Training combines short bursts of cardio and total-body movements. It has been designed to take full advantage of muscle burn.  Users should as well get a high strength exercise in just about 18 mins! If time is your most significant challenge, obtain the fastest, most convenient and most efficient total body exercise with Hybrid Velocity Training.

Dimension is a significant consideration when it pertains to home health and fitness. Worried about space? Not a problem! Bowflex’s all-new HVT fitness machine combines a whole collection of cardio as well as strength exercises. A portable piece of equipment that fits into just about any space.

Want a great workout in just 18 minutes?
The cutting-edge Bowflex HVT Trainer maker offers customers cardio and strength training in one workout. By providing two exercises in one. The HVT device’s capability prolongs beyond a traditional home fitness center. In as little as 18 minutes, users can fire up their metabolism. They can also shed calories while developing sculpted, lean muscular tissues.

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