Bowflex Top Home Gym Exercise Equipment Company

Bowflex Home Exercise Equipment

Bowflex home workout equipment has been designed and intended to provide home users with a dependable and workout experience that is affordable. Save money and time instead of going to the gym.

Bring the gym to your own home with many pieces of quality and inexpensive exercise equipment. Check out the treadmills, the home gyms, the all-new HVT Training Machines and the very popular treadclimbers.

Bowflex Home Gyms

Bowflex Home Gyms

What makes their Home Gyms stand out? 

Unlike conventional machines, all these home gyms use sophisticated resistance modern technology. Due to this, Power Rod, as well as SpiraFlex gyms, no weight system or weight pile device even comes close to efficiency, safety and also results.

Bowflex New HVT Machines


bowflex hvt new fitness machine

Irrespective of your actual age or fitness level, getting into a terrific form does not require hrs that are exhaustive. In a mere 18 minutes and 20 seconds, the Hybrid Velocity Trainer can provide incredible results for everybody.

Why Choose The HVT Trainer?

Your Speeds. Your Strength. Your workouts. Regardless if you are brand-new or a talented fitness guru, Hybrid Velocity Training adjusts for you.

2 Workouts in 1
Cardio alone can not sculpt the body, and strength training alone will not melt enough calories, but the HVT equipment does all of it, combining cardio as well as strength right into one of the fastest and also most reliable workouts ever before made. By delivering 2 workouts in 1, the HVT equipment can help you build up muscle mass as well as melt fat all in the same time and energy to attain the fit, lean, sculpted body you have always desired.

Bowflex Max Trainers

Their Max has the popular 14-minute workout and in addition to that get 2 months of FREE streaming workouts.

Bowflex Max Trainers M3 & M5

Max Trainer Models M3, M5 &M7 – The  Max Trainers are tough on calories and easy on your joints. 14-minute interval program, a true, full-body workout and low-impact motion.

Exactly what is so fantastic in regards to the Bowflex Max Trainers?
Straightforward, not a lot of time needed, as well as max results!

14 Minutes is perhaps all You’ll Need
Research tells us that “absence of time” is the number 1 barrier to exercising. This is exactly why they developed the Max Interval workout was created for individuals with the workout time in mind. You’ll obtain most of the cardio advantages of a lot longer workout in simply 14 minutes. Reinforce your heart and lungs and strengthen your endurance and strength- all also while incinerating calories even more quickly than you ever before thought feasible.

Treadclimber, Better Technology. Faster Results!

Simply walk off the pounds with the Bowflex Treadclimber!
Have the advantages of three workouts within one!

Simply Walk as well as get a much better exercise. The TreadClimber machine provides you a serious cardio strolling exercise that’s easy on your own joints and burns off to 2.5 X the calories of a treadmill during the same speed!

The recently revamped Bowflex TreadClimber equipment that integrates the motions of a treadmill, a stepper, and an elliptical for a simple, low-impact exercise with high-impact results– and all you do is walk.

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