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The Bistro MD Diet has Been Getting Lots of Praise Lately

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Recently, bistroMD and their founding physician Dr. Cederquist have been garnering a lot of press. 

Dr. Caroline Cederquist is the inventor of the weight loss program. She firmly believes that food is medicine for the body. As such BistroMD’s programs target many health issues including diabetes, hypertension, menopause, post-baby weight and gluten allergies in addition to weight loss.

We all know when dieting if the food does not taste good chances are you will not stay on the diet long enough to reach your goals. The foods from the Bistro MD Program are delicious and you can customize your favorite foods. Look forward to your meals and watch as the pounds fall off by following this weight loss plan.

Check out these great articles below regarding Bistro MD and Dr. Caroline Cederquist.

Being Fat Is Costing You $$$
Fat hits you where it hurts—in the bank account. Extra weight can cost you your health—and your savings. The bigger the number on the scale, the greater your health-care costs, according to a new Duke University study. And you pay a penalty for added pounds, even if you don’t qualify as overweight. Read More…

Get the skinny on bistroMD—and on the road to weight loss success.
If you’re having trouble keeping that annual New Year’s resolution to get your weight in check, maybe it’s time to enlist the help of bistroMD. It’s probably not the first diet delivery program you’ve ever heard of, but it is one of the best.

So why the praise for the Bistro MD Diet and why does this weight loss program work?

You will receive nutritionally balanced breakfast foods, lunch foods, and dinners delivered to your door. These gourmet style foods have been customized and physician-designed diet programs for both men and women.

Developed by Dr. Cederquist and scientifically proven program to target fat.

It is individualized and there is support for every step of your journey to success.

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