New Bowflex UpperCut Achieve the Perfect Pushup

Bowflex UpperCut – Step Up Your Game

Bowflex Uppercut

With the Bowflex UpperCut you can develop bigger arms, rock hard abs, shredded shoulders an a chiseled chest with the all new Bowflex UpperCut! Do a perfect pushup every time.


Harness the power of doing over 30 exercises with unlimited variations. Be able to do some of the toughest exercises on the planet. Workout with the UpperCut and do such exercise as pikes, presses, flys and dives.

By doing presses you can build a chest that deserves respect. Do you have a problem doing a one handed push up? Now you can if you use the UpperCut exercise machine.

The Bowflex® UpperCut’s™ unique A.R.C. technology has been proven in a southern California university study to, enable up to 4X as many reps, activate up to 30% more muscles and deliver incredible stability and control. You’ll be working your body in ways you can’t do alone, with perfect form, every rep, every time.

Do you want washboard abs and shredded shoulders? Doing pikes helps you to achieve six pack abs and stronger, powerful shoulders. If you’re looking for a new exciting fitness challenge and you want to be able to do one handed push-ups and develop more core training then get the UpperCut.

Bowflex is known for creating top of the line home gym equipment. They have done this again with their new Uppercut Pushup exercise machine. If you want to build a stronger chest, shoulders and get rock hard abs you really should check out this new piece of equipment.



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