Bowflex BodyTower Strength and Conditioning Home Gym

Bowflex BodyTower

The Bowflex BodyTower is the perfect home power tower fitness solution. From the experts over at Bowflex comes the new in home strength and conditioning BodyTower.

Bowflex has created a tower with multiple stations that has a very easy to make use of and a unique feature. This special feature is the EZ-Adjust bars that are horizontal. The uniquely designed bars allow you to raise the intensity of your workouts, increase the variety of your exercises, and also greatly improve the results of your fitness program.

Bowflex Bodytower

Sling straps and hand grips are included and help to provide a greater range of options than most other power towers, and the commercial-grade and wide steel base helps to keep you stable and secure. With the tower-mounted workout placard helps to demonstrates 8 very important exercises, and also check out the guide which features ten more exercises.

The Body Tower includes sling straps and hand grips that help to provide a greater range of options than most towers. You can increase the variety of your exercises, raises the intensity of your workouts to help improve your workout session. The home gym tower is heavy duty and made from commercial grade materials. This helps to keep it stable and secure.

With the EZ-Adjust bar during your  workout you can change up the variety of exercises and also the intensity. You can do 18+ exercises, which is about 3x more than other power towers.

What type of exercises can you do with the BodyTower?

You will be able to do chin ups, squats, pushups, triceps, raised bridge, crunch and knee raise, plus more! The workout guide includes 10 additional exercises for you to do, including, rear decline plank, assisted leg squat, pull up, hanging leg raise,  and a few others.

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