Nutrisystem Select Compared To Jenny Craig at Home

Nutrisystem VS Jenny Craig

side-by-side summary of Nutrisystem & Jenny Craig

*Nutrisystem Select cost comparison to Jenny Craig at Home:

Both diet food programs have fresh frozen foods and offer a money back guarantee. Only one offers free shipping and that is Nutrisystem. You can also order online with Nutrisystem and the membership is free. There is a membership fee for Jenny Craig.

Nutrisystem also offers more menu items, they offer 150 compared to Jenny Craig’s items of 90. Now let’s check out the price. You can save up to 65% with Nutrisystem. You can save even more with Nutrisystem non frozen foods plans!

It’s not to late to lose weight and look great! Make sure you choose the program that has the gourmet food you want at the right price.

*Comparison based on the 28-Day Nutrisystem Select Auto-Delivery Program vs Jenny Craig At Home Premium Success program with one month of food and one month of the membership fee as of 1/28/11. Price savings above based on the Select program consisting of 18 days of ready-to-go food and 10 days of frozen; and Jenny providing 12 days of ready-to-go foods and 16 days of frozen.




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