Nourish MindNourish and BodyNourish

The Nutrisystem Nourish Program has been replaced by The Nutrisystem Advanced Program and in 2012 is now called Nutrisystem Success.

The Nutrisystem Program also includes two breakthrough plans—Mind Nourish® and BodyNourish®—to help get your mind and body in gear for weight loss, too. Altogether, it’s a total approach to losing weight. You lose weight while learning healthy eating habits you can use for life—all in one convenient plan.

Nourish Your Life!

When people want to lose weight, they often approach it with the mindset that weight loss is merely about the body—that if they focus on their pounds and inches they can have successful weight loss.

But weight loss involves much more than that, it involves your mind and your emotions which can make or break how well you do. How you feel about yourself, how you view food and your overall emotional health all affect your weight as much as your body size.

Nutrisystem MindNourish™ & BodyNourish

Two breakthrough plans designed to help you change your thinking and reclaim your body. These two plans give you a fully integrated approach to weight loss that will increase your long-term success.In the MindNourish Plan, health and fitness expert Dr. James Rouse teaches simple techniques for creating a healthy mindset and taking care of the most important person first—YOU!
MindNourish offers seven different mental exercises that each takes just a few minutes to perform, but which help you learn a new way to approach weight loss. Through the MindNourish exercises, you will develop more confidence and gain a fresh outlook on living a full, healthy life. When it comes to weight loss, the brain can be the most powerful muscle you have, and this plan will definitely help you pump it up!
The new BodyNourish Plan is an exercise program that incorporates simple movements, exercises and yoga pose to invigorate and energize you. Also developed by fitness expert Dr. James Rouse, the BodyNourish Plan easily adapts to all fitness levels and lifestyles. With beginner, intermediate and advanced routines, the BodyNourish Plan shows you how to slowly increase the duration and intensity of your routine as your body shape, flexibility and strength improve. It offers an easy way to fit exercise into your lifestyle, and as you build lean, strong muscles, you’ll not only notice a difference in your body but also in your energy level and entire outlook on life.
Together, these breakthrough plans make the Nutrisystem Program the most well-rounded weight loss program on the market today, because it embraces the notion that to achieve significant weight loss results, you need to fuel all aspects of the self.
“Nourish your mind, Nourish your health, Nourish your body, Nourish yourself!”(The Nutrisystem Nourish Program has been replaced by The Nutrisystem Advanced Program)
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