Elevated Urban Rebounder Cardio and Aerobic Workout

Elevated Urban Rebounder

JB Berns Elevated Urban Rebounder

Rebounding is a great way to exercise and uses less pressure on your joints than traditional exercises.

With all New Elevated Urban Rebounder loses weight, feel better and firm up your body while putting less strain on your joints. It has become a #1 cardio workout in the country. Consumer reports have labeled it a top 100 product of the year. There have been over 1 million Urban Rebounders sold!

JB Berns is the creator of the urban rebounder.

Mini trampolines are found in over 5,000 gyms worldwide. The New Urban Rebounder can be used in either the elevated position or the level position. Just a warning be aware of knock-offs. Only order through the official Urban Rebounder site.

Did you know during normal exercise, gravity affects you on the horizontal plane? The Urban Rebounder allows you to oppose gravity on more than one plane.

If a workout is fun chances are that you will workout out more. Rebounding is fun.

J.B. Berns is a practicing martial artist for more than 20 years. With JB’s Urban Rebounder is a folding trampoline workout system. You can perform the urban rebounding workouts in the comfort of your home in about just 20 minutes a day, three times per week. You should see after only your first exercise you’ll actually look forward to them. The rebounder brings the fun without causing pain or stress on your joints. That makes it especially ideal for seniors, athletes, and anyone else who wants a low-impact, high-efficiency workout.

The Urban Rebounding system comes with a commercial-quality mini trampoline, making it sturdy and rugged. It also comes with a stabilizing bar for, particularly vigorous exercises.


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