Tips for Success on Nutrisystem

7 Top Tips for Success on Nutrisystem

When you get your Nutrisystem order, it includes a Results Kit full of invaluable information on how to make the Nutrisystem program work for you. But the help doesn’t end there.

Often, the best tips and strategies come straight from those who have lived them. So we stopped by the Nutrisystem Discussion Boards and asked members to name their best tips for pushing past plateaus, resisting temptation, and ultimately finding success on the Nutrisystem® program.

Here are seven tips from Nutrisystem members:

1. Be mentally prepared.
Before you even start the Nutrisystem® program, it’s essential to be in the right frame of mind. “I found that the key with Nutrisystem is that you have to want to do it. The rest is easy—it works,” claims Carlo.

2. Follow the plan.
Sure, this can sound like a no-brainer, but for many dedicated members, adherence to the Nutrisystem® program is at the heart of their success. Member Dan says, “Be a follower! When you set your mind to following the plan, the pounds follow suit and disappear.”

3. Drink water.
For Nutrisystem member Vicki-licious, PamSB’s tip about getting enough water is critical. “Drink water until you float and come to the boards for support when you need it,” she added.

4. Find support.
Having support while you’re losing weight is a suggestion that can take several different forms. Nutrisystem member LAURISMITH likes the idea of having a weight loss buddy. “Hook up with a Nutrisystem buddy,” she says. “…someone you can chat with every day and report what you have eaten and what exercise you’ve done. Having a support system works wonders!”

5. Set goals.
When you initially register as a Nutrisystem member, you’re prompted to enter a goal weight in addition to your current weight. For some people, just having that goal weight provides sufficient motivation and inspiration. Others, like annfay2003, like both long-range and short-term goals. “Setting goals helps me. And if I don’t quite make the short-term goal, I know better than to beat myself up over it. I forgive myself, set more realistic goals and keep going.”

6. Plan ahead.
Think through your week (or even your day) to be sure you’re prepared to stay on your program. Nutrisystem member aunt Thelma suggests having “groceries in the house. It will help you stick with your plan and avoid grabbing the wrong snack.”

7. Be patient.
In this world of instant gratification, you might get impatient with your weight loss. That impatience could cause you to stray away from your Nutrisystem® program or abandon it altogether. Losing weight is not a fast process, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose, and remembering that has been key for Nutrisystem member momof3-3. “Remember you did not put the weight on overnight, and it is not going to come off overnight.”

These are some great tips from people who have had their weight loss goals. Do you have any dieting tips? If so, please post them below for our review.

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