The Kruncher is the Ultimate Abs Crunch Machine

As Seen On TV The Abs Kruncher

Kruncher - Sarge

The Kruncher endorsed by Lee Reherman, (The Sarge), is an Ultimate Ab Machine! This great abs tool burns calories and also helps to build lean muscle.

The Kruncher has been designed to give you one of the complete abdominal workouts that you can get from using just one machine. You can tone your upper torso muscles so you can be in the best shape ever. Make your own schedule so you can workout using The Kruncher based on your own personal schedule or by using the recommend training sessions that comes with your order. This way you can quickly and effectively achieve your desired results.

Sit-ups can hurt your neck and you may not be doing them with the correct form to maximize your workout. The Kruncher makes it possible to get a great abs workout in a more comfortable position.

You will love this machine and guess what it comes fully assembled. It is ideal for beginners all the way up to trained athletes. Both males and females can get results. Workout from a seated comfortable position on the couch or chair. It
folds flat for easy storage has a great space saving design.

All it takes is 5 minutes a day to help burn calories & builds lean muscle. You can get 2 times the benefit of a normal sit up.

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