Stealth Core Trainer Fun Interactive Abdominal Planking Workouts

Stealth Core Trainer Makes Exercising Fun!

The Stealth Core Trainer provides a core workout that is dynamic and you are able to do within just 3 mins. The game playing unique technology distracts you for a much more exciting and motivating workout.

The Stealth Core Interactive Trainer from Stealth Body Fitness has been featured on Mashable, Digital Trends, Innovation Nation, Muscle Fitness, and Forbes. This will supply you with the confidence in knowing it is a quality product!

The trainer securely holds on to your Android cellphones and Apple’s iOS phones. There is a fluidity sphere design provides smooth controlled motion while you exercise that is patent-pending. The planking that is dynamic tilts & twists at any angle controlling the trainer to try out the games. Be confident with the bio-foam pad cushions for your forearms and elbows.

planking exercises

Planking exercises can help you to get rock hard abs. If you want those abs why do boring planking exercises when you can have fun doing them. With the Stealth Core Trainer Equipment, you can use it to play a game on your cell phone while in the plank position. It only takes about 3 minutes to play the game. Do this over a period of time and watch how your abs can firm up!

The challenging and awesome abdominal trainer that keeps you interested while playing a game on the smart device. Never doing a dull exercise yet again. The initial dynamic planking platform enables you to twist and tilt at any angle and also move the full 360 degrees when it comes to ultimate core workout!

Never do boring planks again. This core trainer is a forward-thinking design that meets fitness that is revolutionary. Who knew to make use of your phone to assist you to achieve the top planks to receive abs.

Feel all your muscles working together leaving you feeling energized. Get in a plank position and commence playing the overall game. Your core muscles end up being the controllers.

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Stealth Core Trainer with Gameplay Technology

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