ProUnit Foam Roller All In One Performance Trainer System

ProUnit Fitness Trainer

The patented 5 in 1 ProUnit Performance Trainer foam roller is ONE OF A KIND! It was designed to loosen and lengthen before it strengthen and tones providing performance enhancement and injury prevention!

Prounit As Seen On TV

The Prounit is a 5 in 1 training tool that combines core, strength, cardio, flexibily and weight loss. If you are ready to take the training to the next level then you will want the ProUnit System.

Unlock your inner potential and train like the pros. Celebrity Fitness Trainer Steve Jordans’ foundation dvd’s muscle sculpting, weight loss, performance enhancement and more. Prounit can help you to get the best work out you have ever had.

For a geat work out you need the ProUnit.  It’s the ALL IN ONE performance training system for Losing Fat, Getting Ripped, Increasing Flexibility and Preventing Injury. This piece of exercise equipment does it all!

Train like the pros and do many different types of exercising with this training system.
The ProUnit Performance Trainer is the only home or travel fitness tool you will ever want!

So what do you get with the Pro Unit System?

You get a foam roller to loosen and lengthen tight muscles
Rotating Push Up handles to strengthen shoulders, chest, shoulders, and arms
Ab Wheel for Ab ripping workouts
Stretch Strap for many added flexibility benefits
10 lbs of total weight for challenging total body workouts…for anyone, any time and any place

Use the ProUnit at home or for on the go fitness, and also get a 43 page training manual with nutrition guidelines and 3 Fitness Training DVDs for a complete 90 day fitness workout!

The Permormance Trainer Foam Roller works great to help you to lose fat, get ripped, increase flexibility and prevent injury. The foam roller helps to loosen your muscles and prevent injuries.


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