P90 Tony Horton 90 Day New Beachbody Workout

P90 One of the Newest Workouts from Beachbody

With the P90 workout, it does not matter your fitness level or age. The well-known fitness trainer  Tony Horton has created simple and shorter, less extreme and more doable exercises. But don’t worry still just as effective.

P90 by Beachbody

This fitness program is for people just starting out and for those who merely want to maintain. P90 opens the door for many to see dramatic, visible results in as few as 90 days!

Tony Horton also created these other amazing workouts, P90X, P90X2, P90X 3 and now the all-new P90!

So why did Tony Horton create P90?

Tony Horton created P90 because his extreme programs like P90X are not for everyone. So he then came up with the all-new P90 it’s your gateway to getting fit regardless of your fitness level!

Here is a little bit of how Tony Horton came up with P90. He took what he had learned over the past 20 years and simplified it new doable, easier workouts. So why does P90 work so well? It uses a game-changing technique that Tony calls sectional progression. He eases you into a variety of strength, cardio and stability move. These moves help to work the chest, biceps, shoulders, back, triceps and legs. The steps do not get any harder until you and your body are ready for the next challenge. Then once those moves are mastered Tony ups the ante. He encourages you and tries to keep it fun.

So no matter what type of body you may have, whether you are an expert or beginner, this is a workout you should truly love and see surprising results in as little as 90 days!

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