Lateral Thigh Trainer System

Lateral Thigh Trainer

Unlike ordinary steppers, the Lateral Thigh Trainers bi-directional skating like motion targets multiple muscles from different angles. This movement is possible through Lateral Thigh Trainer’s exclusive double action resistance disk. You will be doing cardio, for over-all health, weight loss and toning to get those muscles firm and in shape. What are you waiting for? Take charge of your health. . .

The Lateral Thigh Trainer System gives you a fun, fat burning cardio workout plus a super effective toning workout. Don’t be confused by ordinary steppers that only go up and down. The Lateral Thigh Trainer not only moves up and down, it also moves in and out at the same time.

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A Stair Stepper For Your Home Gym
Author: Kevin Urban

Why would you consider a stair stepping machine for your home gym? Because home is where the heart is. It’s also where more and more people are increasingly building their own gyms to exercise the heart — along with abs, lats and every other body part that can benefit from a little regular lubrication. Home exercise equipment such as treadmills have been the runaway favorite for years, but is it the best exerciser for you? Have you considered a stair stepper?

The best exercise steppers have complete display readouts with all the resistance adjustments and info on distance, calories burned, etc. Steppers can be considered as a workout by themselves or they are a great cross training tool to mix with other aerobic activities such as biking or walking.

Some of the best benefits a stair stepping machine offers is the low shock to the body while providing a high intensity exercise, and some people find it easy to read while stepping. Steppers have been a popular way to get into shape for years since they simulate climbing stairs, but instead of actual steps they use alternating pedals or platforms. In addition to the great aerobic exercise, adding a stepper to your home gym will help you get into shape for activities such as hiking or skiing.

You use a stair stepper by speeding up or slowing down the stepping rate and control the amount of resistance. Thus, you are able to choose the intensity of the exercise and make better adjustments as needed. As your step ability increases, so will your need for increased stepping resistance.

It’s one of the best ways to work the legs, but steppers also place emphasis on the glutes, and incorporate some additional calorie burning cardio. Many people don’t perform cardio after an intense leg/glute workout, because it’s just so intense. With stair steppers, you’ve found a better exercise for a full body workout.

About the author: Kevin Urban is the editor at Best Home



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