Flex Shaper Portable Training Tool for Upper Body

Flex Shaper Resistance Training & Aerobic Exercise

flex shaper

Flex Shaper is a portable, lightweight training tool that can shape and tone your entire body. Incorporate Flex Shaper into your workouts that focus on the chest, arms, back and shoulders, including the biceps and triceps, for amazing results.

With the Flex Shaper you can also target the inner thigh to help give you sleek, sexy legs. Now who doesn’t want sexy legs? Flex Shaper delivers aerobic exercise and resistance training and can be used by any age group, gender or fitness level. It helps you to achieve your weight loss and muscle tone goals.

Flex Shaper is the awesome, unique, new way to get your upper body toned. Now you sure can get the toned body you've always wanted with the compact portability that Flex Shaper provides.  No need for a gym membership or using weights, with Flex Shaper you can start building lean muscle right away with it's aerobic exercise delivered through resistance training.

With the Flex Shaper you do not need a expensive gym membership. You can build lean muscles without bulking up. It is extremely portable and compact. Forget the weights use resistance training. The Flex Shaper works the back, biceps, triceps and even your things.

Get the toned upper body you have always wanted. You can do this at home and avoid the gym.




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