Butterfly Abs Electronic Muscle Toning Intense Work Out System

Butterfly Abs Rechargeable Toning Abs System

Butterfly Abs Toning System

Butterfly Abs can give you tighter and toned abs without an intense work-out. Get incredible results using this scientifically advanced Butterfly Abs Toning system!

butterfly abs

Butterfly Abs uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology, EMS for short. It has can help to firm, tone and strengthen your abs!

Very easy to use. Just slip on the comfortable Butterfly Abs Toning Pad so that it’s centered, then press the setting you like best!  That’s it! The compact, perfectly engineered butterfly shape sends out ripples of helpful EMS toning signals. They  stimulating all of your Ab muscles to contract and relax them.

Whether you’re in great shape, an athlete, or just a beginner, Butterfly Abs gives you a fantastic Ab workout anytime, anyplace!

Butterfly Abs has many great features. It is rechargeable and wireless, no batteries needed. The toning pads are reusable and washable. You get 10 levels of toning intensity, with 6 workout programs.

Butterfly ABs no longer available here.


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