Brazil Butt Lift from Beachbody

Brazil Butt Lift – Work All Three Major Muscles in Your Buttocks

Brazil Butt Lift

Leandro Carvalho also was known as The Brazilian Butt Master shows you how to work your booty from multiple angles with his proven TriAngle Training method. The workout helps to reduce your hips, lift your butt and slim your thighs.

Most women want a firm, shapely lifted behind. The Brazil Butt Lift Workout helps a woman to achieve this in just 60 days.

So what makes the Brazil Butt Lift Program so effective?

The exclusive Triangle Training method by Leandro Carvalho works all three major muscles of your buttocks. When you work out with him and you’ll have fun getting bikini-bathing suit ready. The workout includes Brazillian dance, body sculpting, and cardio moves.

Over half a million people have used the Brazil Butt Lift workout to get a supermodel sexy butt. Also workout those bulky thighs. The TriAngle Training method works all three major muscles of the buttocks, which include the gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius from countless angles.

Lift, shape and firm your behind with Leandro and his Brazil Butt Lift Workout. Did you know that some of the world’s top supermodels workout with him? Now you can too in the comfort of your home.

There are many items you get in each kit. All the kits include a booty makeover guide, a calendar, a fat burning food guide, triangle training workout cards, a measurement tracker with a tape measure and online support.

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