Bowflex HVT Cardio and Strength Machine – Hybrid Velocity Training

Bowflex HVT 2 in 1 Cardio and Strength Exercise Machine

The New Bowflex HVT workout machine’s special sequence of combination motions implies even more muscle mass operated in a brief amount of time. Bowflex Hybrid Velocity Training holds the secret to your body’s burning needs and your desire to shed pounds.

HVT from Bowflex

2 Workouts in 1 Cardio as well as Strength Hybrid Velocity Training

Cardio alone can’t sculpt your body, as well as strength alone won’t shed adequate calories, however the Bowflex Hybrid Velocity Training machine does it all, combining cardio and also strength right into among the fastest and also most efficient workouts ever created. By supplying 2 workouts in 1, the Bowflex fitness machine could aid you develop muscle as well as melt fat all at the same time to attain the fit, lean, toned body you’ve constantly wanted.

The Bowflex HVT uses the concept of Hybrid Velocity Training to supply a dual-action exercise that incorporates cardio training and resistance strength training.

bowflex hvt new fitness machine

Built-In Motivation and Coaching App

The FREE HVT App includes individual training that overviews you with your workout when you’re doing it. Choose from 3 pre-programmed exercises developed to motivate your every relocation! Build your personal regimen in Manual Mode and also check out 50 trainer-led videos formed for every physical fitness level. With modern technology similar to this, you may become a Hybrid Velocity Pro from the instance you step foot on this exercise platform.

How many minutes to get a full body workout on the Bowflex HVT?
Get a total body workout in about 18 minutes! The HTV combines short bursts of cardio with dynamic, full-body movements to help maximize muscle activation. Get a high intensity workout in about 18 minutes!

Save Space with the Bowflex HVT Training Machine – 2 Workouts in the Space of One!

Hybrid Velocity Training releases the best tornado to shooting up your metabolic process as well as burning calories, producing an After burn Effect that melts calories for hours after you exercise– even while you rest! No longer does it require extensive hours at the fitness center.

Hybrid Velocity Training combines brief bursts of cardio with vibrant, full-body activities designed to take full advantage of muscle activation as well as give a time-saving, high strength exercise in just 18 mins as well as 20 seconds! If time is your greatest challenge, obtain the fastest, most convenient and most effective full-body exercise with Hybrid Velocity Training.

Dimension is a significant consideration when it pertains to home health and fitness. Not nearly enough space for numerous machines? Not a problem! Bowflex all new HVT fitness machine combines a whole collection of cardio as well as strength exercises right into one portable layout that fits into the edge of any type of space.

Want a great workout in just 18 minutes?

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