Bandflex Total Home Gyms

Bandflex Home Gyms
These home gyms compared to bowflex home gyms are an inexpensive way to get a gym in your home.
Price range around $199.99 to $299.99

Bandflex Home Gym

Check Out The Bandflex Home Gym
With the Band Flex Gym you can get a convenient and efficient full body workout right at home! Compare the BandFlex Home Gym to the BowFlex Sport and then decide which one is best for you. The BandFlex Gym features over 60 exercises – including the bench press, chest fly, lat pull down, triceps pushdown, and more – designed to build both strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Check Out The Bandflex XS Home Gym
Innovative resistance design. The Band Flex XS features a unique bungee-cord resistance design that gives you total and complete control over the type of workout you do, and just how tough that workout is.
With a total of 6 bungee cords, the Band Flex XS can offer up to 136 lbs of total resistance. And each resistance cord is designed and installed onto the Band Flex XS so that you get a safe workout that won’t require a spotter.

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