Corebody Reformer Workout by Bowflex

Corebody Reformer

The unique CoreBody Reformer combines 3 core exercises in 1 which focus on toning, stretching, and cardio. These exercises will improve your strength, make you more flexible and start blasting off the fat!

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Power Rod Gym

Bowflex Xtreme SE

The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE allows you to change exercises more quickly and easily with no cable changes needed between exercises. There is also an ab crunch shoulder harness and ergonomically designed adjustable seat.

BAS Body Action System Designed by MMA Champ Bas Rutten

Body Action System

BAS – Body Action System - The Ultimate Full Body Workout Body Action System is the full body workout that combines strength and cardio training to achieve up to 30 times more muscle activation than most other workouts. The soft interactive targets ensure correct form, fun and add resistant to your workout. It was designed by […]

Bowflex Max Trainer M5 and M3

Bowflex Max Trainers

The Bowflex Max Trainers are tough on calories and easy on your joints. Burn up to 2.5 times the calories. Both models feature MAX’s 14-minute interval program, a true, full-body workout and low-impact motion.

Bowflex Home Gyms | The Revolution and Extreme 2 SE

Bowflex Home Gyms

Real people are seeing real results after working out with Bowflex Home Gyms. Choose between the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE or the Bowflex Revolution.

Brazil Butt Lift from Beachbody

Brazil Butt Lift

Leandro Carvalho also known as The Brazilian Butt Master shows you how to work your booty from multiple angles with his proven TriAngle Training method. The workout helps to reduce your hips, lift your butt and slim your thighs.

New Bowflex UpperCut Achieve the Perfect Pushup

Bowflex Uppercut

With the Bowflex UpperCut you can develop bigger arms, rock hard abs, shredded shoulders an a chiseled chest with the all new Bowflex UpperCut! Do a perfect pushup every time.

Elevated Urban Rebounder Cardio and Aerobic Workout

JB Berns Elevated Urban Rebounder

With the all New Elevated Urban Rebounder lose weight, feel better and firm up your body while putting less strain on your joints. It has become a #1 carido workout in the country. Consumer reports has labeled it a top 100 product of the year. There have been over 1 million Urban Rebounders sold!

Flirty Girl Fitness Dance Off the Pounds

Flirty Girl Fitness As Seen On TV

The Flirty Girl Fitness is the new hot full body makeover system that takes the world’s sexiest dance moves, from club dancing, music videos, club dancing, even exotic dancing and turns them into fun and fast fat-burning routines that anyone can do.

Flex Shaper Portable Training Tool for Upper Body

flex shaper

Flex Shaper is a portable, lightweight training tool that can shape and tone your entire body. Incorporate Flex Shaper into your workouts that focus on the chest, arms, back and shoulders, including the biceps and triceps, for amazing results.