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Imagine… A comprehensive lifestyle management tool that covers weight loss & management, self love, positive thoughts, stress relief & management, exercise motivation, and restful sleep.

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Overweight is more than just a physical problem. Most people choose solutions which focus on fixing behavior, and are doomed to fail. Even individuals who are strongly motivated, lose weight initially, only to regain it because most diet or exercise plans don’t address all the factors that made them overweight in the first place. They failed because they didn’t build “Inner Fitness™,” combining healthy weight management with enhanced well-being.

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Food For Thought gives you the tools you need to enhance every aspect of your life. To overcome unwanted habits. To learn self-regulation skills. To unlock your potential for success. To empower your dreams of feeling better, looking better and being better.

Traditional solutions for overweight aren’t working.

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Author: Vigdis Tange Andersen

Scientist have found that the procedures that has been identified as hypnosis has been practiced for over 200 years. Hypnosis became studied in the 1950’s clear up to the present day. But it wasn’t until after 1980 that hypnosis was used as medical research link into the chemicals that the body system products. Links between the nervous and immune systems have been a great interests to hypnosis doctors. In the early days, it was hypnosis was about suggestions. It allowed a person to into the realm of the psyche and influences the person through suggestions. It was believed that the body and nervous system could be overridden to make the person do whatever they wanted it to do.

Many used hypnosis to diagnose many diseases and to cure some people’s ailments. It was more of a supernatural claim than anything. But then again, mind over matter, the mind always wins. Classic hypnosis demonstrated the most people would respond differently to suggestion under different conditions. Although scientists have not come close to define what and how certain types of humans would react, they expect to be able to in the next for years. Today, there is a basic agreement that hyper suggestibility does occur in some sense. This means that if they can control the conditions and feats of attention control along with the psychosomatic regulation or perception they can deliberately produce same behaviors. The only problem to the theory is that most scientists are split opinions on what conditions will cause hyper suggestibility. The conditions could be psychological or physical. Many scientists even claim that they have found other ways to control the human mind. Hypnosis is definitely one way, but they claim that they have found other ways. Evidence has formed that the different distinct states of the nervous system can occur in the same person at different times and even at the same time.

This is when people show signs of dissociation and is a rare condition of multiple personality disorder. By using hypnosis to get to the root of the problem, some people will find that the”other voices” stop and with medication they can be controlled. This is just one way that hypnosis is used in medicine. But hypnosis is not only used for medical reasons, but for investigations too. What is hypnosis used for? Hypnosis is to help people remember. A hypnosis therapist will allow the person to look deep into their mind to find the answers to questions that the person may have blocked out. Many police use hypnosis to find out what the victim or offender remembers or can’t remember. This allows them to be able to prosecute the offender and build a case against the offender. However, hypnosis is also used to help people with their addictions. Many people get hypnosis therapy to kick a drug habit or help them with over eating.

About the author: Vigdis Tange Andersen


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