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Making NutriSystem work for your personality type

Keeping Your Program Fresh

Whether you’re a morning person, a night owl, a socialite, or an introvert, try these ideas to keep your weight loss program on track and in step with your lifestyle:

Jumpstart your weight loss by trying new carbohydrate choices like garbanzo beans, couscous and whole grain pitas.

Don’t forget about vegetables like artichokes, beets, cauliflower, mushrooms and snow pea pods. (And remember, vegetable juice can also count as a vegetable serving.)

Make a fruit salad on the weekend with a big blend of your favorite fruit (like cantaloupe, cherries, grapes, honeydew, kiwi, mandarin oranges, peaches, plums, raspberries, etc. ). Portion it into individual containers for use as fruit servings during the week.

Snack on”unlimited” items like cucumbers, radishes, celery and zucchini. They’re great with the no-calorie dressings available these days.

Put your chocolate NutriSystem items in the freezer for a refreshing twist.

Add a little more zing to your NutriSystem entrees with spices like paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, sage, rosemary—even chili powder. Sprinkle seasonings on before heating entrees for maximum flavor.

Make a pitcher of water with lemons—or try adding limes and even oranges for more flavor!

People come in all shapes and sizes—and personality types, too. So when it comes to weight loss, it only makes sense that you need to acknowledge”the way you are” and find a program that suits that individuality. That’s where NutriSystem comes in! One of the best things about this program and its meal plan is that you can tailor it to make it work for YOU—for your own unique lifestyle and behavior patterns.

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Not a morning person or big breakfast eater? No problem on this program. Starving when you get home from work? We can handle that. Ultra social and used to eating lots of meals out? Success can still be yours. All it takes is a little awareness and ingenuity, and you can create a NutriSystem plan that’s perfectly suited to your personality type.

Check out these examples for ideas on tailoring the NutriSystem program to fit your personality:

The Early Riser
A breed that stands alone, these folks pop out of bed in the morning, ready to greet the day with a great big smile and a hearty heave-ho. Sound familiar? If this is you, then a big breakfast can be a key component to your weight loss success. Load up. Filling choices like the NutriSystem pancakes or scrambled eggs might be a great entrée choice, along with some cantaloupe, and even 1 ounce of ham for your protein serving. Some could even add some oatmeal or a slice of pumpernickel bread as a carb serving to complete a great day kickoff meal. Along with a hot cup of coffee, it’s a strong start to the day.

And for those of you who are really ambitious in the morning, definitely go grab that workout before your day gets underway. Studies show that people who exercise in the morning have better overall fitness success—not because it’s a better time, physically, to exercise, but more so because those who fit in their routines in the morning stand a better chance of actually completing them (versus those who wait to work out until later in the day, only to have their schedules change and their work out get bumped). So rise and shine (and work out), everybody!

The Night Owl
These are the people who couldn’t give a”hoot” about anything that happens much before 10 o’clock in the morning, yet are still rarin’ to go well past 10 o’clock at night. If this is you, then you know that hunger management from dinnertime well into the nighttime is key. On the NutriSystem plan, you can set yourself up for success and satisfaction every night—here’s how. For starters, back up your day. Eat a lighter, later breakfast , maybe getting your dairy serving in a morning latte with a granola bar and apple on the go, and then bump back lunch an hour or so, if possible. Have your afternoon snack later in the day, so you can enjoy dinner around 6 pm or later. Additionally,”save” your fruit from either your afternoon snack or from your dinner meal to have later in the evening, either with your dessert (the NutriSystem chocolate desserts go fabulously with some fresh strawberries), or even later, perhaps along with a cup of decaf tea.

Here’s another idea: get some Crystal Light or other low-calorie beverage and pour it into ice cube trays or freezer pop molds. It can be the perfect treat when those late-night cravings hit.

And one last tip for you night owls out there—brush your teeth when you’re finished with dessert. Try it—it really helps to ward off late-night snacking. (Because really, who wants Dorito breath when they head to bed?)

The Social Butterfly
We all know this person—the guy or gal who flourishes at lunches out, cocktail parties, and neighborhood barbeques. And because of it, these folks are often drawn to social events, which can be tough when you’re trying to lose weight. But don’t despair! If this is you, you just need to master a few tricks of the trade and those smaller sizes will be fluttering by in no time. It’s all about planning ahead. Business lunch today? Then load up on a later breakfast packed with protein like cheese or Canadian bacon, which helps you stay full longer (so you’re not starving when you walk in the restaurant for lunch). Then choose a light salad from the menu and enjoy the company with a glass of iced tea or diet soda, and then catch your NutriSystem lunch entrée when you get back to your desk (or, you could have it before you go).

The same thing applies if happy hour is calling your name. Sure, you can go—just make sure to get in a hefty afternoon snack right before you go—maybe some berries with some cottage cheese. And do one more thing for yourself
: decide well ahead of time what you ARE and ARE NOT going to allow yourself to have, even drink-wise. A few pineapple chunks and a glass of club or diet soda is a great choice; five buffalo wings and four beers isn’t. But you have to make those choices before you’re faced with them—leave nothing to chance at the bar or restaurant where you can be easily derailed. Think ahead as to how you’re going to feel afterwards, and make a plan that you can stick with. Also, be sure that you have the salads and fresh produce you need waiting at home to make a quick, healthy NutriSystem dinner right away when you get there—no grabbing junk food or takeout meals on the way home.

For weekend events or those at your house, just be sure to stock up on tons of fruit, vegetables and no-cal drinks (and it’s fine to take them with you wherever you go, too). Above all, make a mental shift and realize that what truly makes you happy is your social nature and the energy you receive from and give to people—not the things you consume while you’re with them.

The Homebody
For lack of a better term,”homebodies” spend more time at home than out and about. This can be a huge challenge when it comes to things like overeating and portion control—obstacles that people who work from home, many stay-at-home moms, and introverted-types can surely attest to. If this is you, losing weight is all about control—controlling yourself and controlling your environment. For this type, getting enough healthy foods in the house (good fruit and veggie choices) isn’t so much the challenge as is keeping the bad foods (chips, cookies, baked goods) out of the house. Just because you’ll be staying at home more doesn’t mean you should stock the cupboard with junk food, or have the local pizza place on your speed dial. Shop wisely and don’t bring the temptations into the house.

Also, since you have more time at home, use it to your weight loss advantage. Cook well for yourself—make some gourmet vegetable dishes, or take a whole afternoon to slow roast a turkey breast and then portion it into daily protein servings for the week. Use some of that home time to cut up fruit and vegetables for the week ahead, or make breakfast smoothies for your fruit and yogurt servings. Hard boil some eggs, or heck, even grow some of your own tomatoes and zucchinis—make homemade salsa! Get creative and use your at-home resources to your advantage.

If you do find yourself at home a lot and constantly tempted by your kitchen, try this: spread out your NutriSystem meals and additional servings throughout the day. Maybe break up your afternoon snack into a morning and an afternoon snack (take a fruit break between breakfast and lunch, and enjoy a yogurt in the afternoon). Or save your salad from lunch and have it later in the evening. Use the flexibility of your meal plan and find a strategy that works for you. And remember, just because you’re within twenty feet of your fridge all day or night doesn’t mean you need to constantly open it. Control yourself from the very beginning and it will become a habit.

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