Special Offer Nutrisystem Low Pricing

Lock In Low 2007 Pricing!
Special Offer from NutriSystem

It’s the holiday season, and that means that loved ones will gather together for good times and good cheer, and will enjoy exchanging gifts with one another. And NutriSystem, is in the spirit of gift-giving, too—so Nutrisystem would like to give you a special offer that won’t last long!

Their prices should be going up in the new year—(offer expires 12/31/07)

Nutrisystem is excited about the Nutrisystem Advanced Program for 2008, featuring improved foods. That means you’ll enjoy brand new entrees, snacks and desserts full of better flavors and more variety!

But like the season itself, good things don’t last forever. This lock-in offer will expire soon, so as you’re checking things off your to-do list this holiday, make sure to take advantage of this special offer!
Lock-In 2007 Nutrisystem Pricing

(offer expires 12/31/07)

OFFER HAS EXPIRED, but you can still order Nutrisystem Advanced Foods:

Click Here and check out Nutrisystem’s current specials!


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