Sit and Cycle Exercise Portable Bike

sitNcycle Home Exercise Bike

The Sit N Cycle exercise bike endorsed by Dorothy Hamill is a fun and convenient way to stay in motion easily and effortlessly. Get in the best shape of your life using the sitNcycle portable fitness bike.

(No Longer Available Here)

The great thing about the sitNcycle is you can exercise at the same time as doing other activities, such as watching tv, talking on your cell phone, knitting, reading a book or going through your mail and paying your bills. It is the perfect exercise machine for multi-tasking. So no more excuses, I don’t have time to exercise. You can exercise at the same time as doing some of your daily tasks.

Do you want a fun and convenient way to exercise?
Of course you. You really should check out the sitNcycle by Smooth Fitness.


The Sit N Cycle’s is so versatile. It has a  uniquely designed core-engaging aerobic exercise that uses minimal resistance! Because you can use the sitNcycle while doing other tasks you can burn plenty of calories throughout your day. It is so portable. It is easy to move from one room to the other and even up and down stairs.

It is your portable stationary exercise bike that has a unique hands-free design. The design forces you to engage your core as you pedal. Strengthen your body and at the same time engage in cardiovascular exercise.

Exercise bikes remain favorite machines even though they have been popular for years. The bikes are there for workouts at any time. That convenience means yo …

This stationary bike allows you to get a great aerobic workout and at the same time, you can strengthen your core. Sit and cycle while you do the things you love to do!  Watch TV, check your emails on your tablet or read a book. Because of the uniquely hands-free design, you could even add your own arm exercises.

The space-saving design of this portable spinning bike requires no power! No plugs to worry about. You can even exercise if the power goes out! Guess what? It is powered by you.

Don’t worry the seat was made extra wide for added comfort and the pedals are non-slip. Because of the design of the bike and the weight of only about 34 pounds you can roll it or carry it just about anywhere.

Exercise bikes like the Sit N Cycle are often referred to as stationary bikes. These bikes are perfect for indoor training. Especially important for those bad weather days.

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