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Proform Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine
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You simply stand on the vibration plate and as it moves, you move with it to keep your balance. As your balancing on it, your entire body, arms, legs, back, abs get a total workout! Athletes use vibration therapy to improve their balance and performance. It’s also great to help people lose weight and increase strength and health.

Professional athletes have been warming up their muscles using similar devices for years now. Take your workout to the next level and get the added benefit of increased strength in your stabilizing muscles.

Trim your way to the new you with the ProForm BioVibe Vibration Bench PFVB2907. This fitness machine features multiple levels of vibration so that it makes for increased muscle contraction. You can set the vibration between 20 and 50 Hz to meet your fitness requirements.
Loaded with a powerful motor and preprogrammed workout sessions this ProForm vibration machine provides maximum workout benefits in a short span of time. That apart this fitness machine also lets you set up workout sessions at a pace that you find comfortable. Compact and delivering good results consistently this vibration training machine is a great addition to your home gym.

ProForm BioVibe Vibration Bench: Contracts muscles up to 50 times per second. Vibration settings between 20 to 50 Hz. Allows you to contract your muscles thousands of times in a single workout. 4 preprogrammed workouts designed to help you get results in a short amount of time.

Proform Biovibe Body Vibration Plate Bench

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