Portion Controller Stomach Belt Helps Flatten Tummy

Portion Controller Abdominal Belt for Weight Loss

The Portion Controller helps to flatten your belly,  control your cravings and helps you to look your absolute best!

Portion Controller

If you’re looking for a proven way that helps to control hunger, look no further than the revolutionary Portion Controller. It should stop your hunger cravings, while also flattening your stomach.

Using a slimming belt like this can be much safer to your body then taking dieting pills or under going liposuction or a tummy tuck. The special design can help you trim down your waistline and flatten your stomach by wearing it around the midsection. It can really help in a good way a good way to get rid of the flab around the abs, thighs, buttocks and even your arms. You should lose weight because you eat less because you feel fuller faster.

It is very import that you properly position the portion control belt for best results. The belt bubble should be worn exactly one finger width your belly button. It is also important that you put it on when you have an empty stomach.

Position your belt when your stomach is empty and you are hungry. A good time is after you take your morning shower. If you make the mistake and apply the belt on a full stomach,it is hard to find your”fullness spot.” This may also result in pressure or discomfort rather than achieving the feeling of fullness. It is recommended not to wear in at bedtime or in the shower.

The slimming belt can be worn under clothing so no one will know you are wearing it. The belly reducing belt is a non-electric belt that is you can place it on in the morning before you eat breakfast and then you should remove it before you shower and when you go to sleep at night. For it to work properly you must be fitted one fingertip above your navel to be comfortable to wear and effective. If it is uncomfortable, then you more than likely have put it on wrong.

If you have just eaten a meal, then you need to wait four hours before positioning your belt on your waist. Remember you must be hungry to make it easier to gauge fullness spot.

Can you eat all the foods you normally would while wearing the Portion Controller?

Absolutely, still eat the foods you love. You should notice you will be eating smaller portions because you should be getting a feeling of fullness sooner. To help speed up your weight loss you could do some light exercise to achieve your weight loss goal sooner.  Daily walks are a good way to exercise.




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