Obsidian Fitness Slide Board Workout

Obsidian Slide Program Slide Your Way to a Toned Chisel Body

obsidian slide

With the Obsidian Slideboard Fitness system you can shave inches off your body just by working out 30 minutes a day 3 times a week. Tone your abs and obliques and get leaned toned legs.  The Obsidian board comes with 3 workout DVD’s, beginner, pure cardio and crazy abs. Plus get 2 custom obsidian booties and mitts. Such an easy and fun system that is sure to help you get the shape and look you want for your body. Place the Obsidian Board on just about any flat surface. Then put on the booties and slide your way to an amazing workout!

The versatile underside of the Obsidian® slide board adapts to just about any floor surface. There is setup required it can easily go from carpet to a hard smooth floor surface without losing its ability to grip and provides a stable exercise base.

Have fun working out in your home or at the office just 3 days a week for 30 minute sessions. Get that toned body you have always wanted. Eat a healthy diet while using this slideboard fitness system and watch the pounds fly off.


Slide Board Fitness

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