NutriFitProgram Nutrisystem and The GlucoFitClub

The NutrifitProgram Is Coming Soon

Nutrisystem and GlucoFitClub are getting ready to be the first to schedule and integrated diet, exercise and monitoring program to help ensure effective weight loss and also diabetes prevention and control called the nutrifitprogram.

As we know Nutrisystem Inc. has been a leading home delivery weight loss program for many years. The GlucoFitClub is a leading provider of exercise, fitness and electronic health monitoring services which are located within participating YMCA’s. These two companies have recently announced the start of the NutriFitProgram. With the two of these companies merging together you get a more effective and integrated program for people to achieve their weight and fitness goals.

Participation in this program can help people avoid the health complications associated with excess weight, an improper diet and lack of regular exercise. In addition, the program is specifically intended to help people with diabetes better manage the disease, as well as help to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes for those with prediabetes.

The NutriFitProgram combines all the essentials needed to help achieve efficient and healthy weight loss. People will have the support to help them trim down and get healthier.

With the nutrifitprogram you get your  choice of a 28 day personalized Nutrisystem Plan which includes 28 days of meals, that’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and a delicious dessert. These meals are portion controlled and very easy to prepare. You also would get a community membership, which has online and mobile tools and special weight loss counseling.

We have been told for years the healthy way to lose weight is both the foods you eat and exercising. So with this awesome new program you also get many personalized exercise programs that are arranged from approximately 90 weeks of classes at  the participating YMCA’s including and also a 36 minute entry level circuit training, water aquatics and Zumba. Yes rumba the hot latin fitness dance routines.

Check back on more information of The Pilot for NutriFitProgram coming soon.


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