Meditation Slimming Lose Weight

Slimming Willpower
Use Meditation to help you to lose weight!

The Meditainment format involves a blend of proven meditation techniques with stories, music, and natural sound effects.

A typical program lasts 21 minutes

EXPECTATION – do not expect to enter a meditative state until after about 10 minutes of the guided meditation.
ATTENTION – you gain more by giving your full attention and being free from interruption.
CONDITIONS – best experienced through headphones and with room lighting dimmed.

What are the benefits?
The practice of meditation can have a number of psychological benefits including increased calm & happiness and reduced stress & anxiety. Physical benefits can include reduced blood pressure and an enhanced immune system.

Whether you’re following a diet plan or just watching your weight, these guided meditations will support you with all the encouragement you need to achieve the weight you desire.

Track 1
Calm your thoughts and see yourself in a new light.

Track 2
Imange being on holiday at the weight you desire.

Track 3
Appraise your efforts and renew your commitment.

Believe in yourself!

Slimming Willpower Meditation

In this guided meditation you imagine watching a movie about your personal journey to success with slimming. You have the opportunity to appraise your efforts and renew your commitment.

Meditainment is an established wellbeing brand with over 100,000 CDs sold in 2005.

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