Les Mills Body Pump

Les Mills Pump – Get Your Perfect Body

Les Mills Pump Works: The Rep Effect!

Work out just 3 times a week to get world-class results.

Body Pump Barbell

Les Mills Body Pump can help you get flat abs, lean legs, sculpted shoulders, strong arms and tight buns. We all know great bodies aren’t born, they have to be engineered. You can get a great body with the Les Mills Pump workout and The Rep Effect. Get that great looking beach body.

So what is the Rep Effect The Rep Effect unlike traditional strength workouts that use heavy weights and bulks you up, the Rep Effect uses lighter weights at a higher rate of repetition so you can get leaner much faster. The intense training technique can accelerate your heart rate, which helps to burn up to 1,000 calories per workout and burning more fat to reveal gorgeous muscles and a sleek, sculpted body very fast.

You can get in the best shape of your life at home with the complete LES MILLS PUMP workout system.


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