Genie Francis 30 Pound Weight Loss on Nutrisystem

Genie Francis is the New Spokesperson for Nutrisystem

You may have seen Genie Francis promoting Nutrisystem on a television commercial with Marie Osmond. Genie Francis is a popular soap star best know for her role on General Hospital as Laura Webber. You may have all seen her years ago promoting the Medifast diet.

Genie Francis Weight Loss

Genie Francis and Nutrisystem

On the Nutrisystem commercial Genie talks about how she lost 30 pounds. She is all smile about her weight loss.  Genie gave her diet a kick start using Nutrisystem Fast 5. The part of the plan has a one-week jumpstart section that happens to guarantee a  5 pound weight loss in the very first week of dieting.

Hot off the presses,”Genie Francis General Hospital Icon sheds 30 pounds and plans to drop another 20!” She has been able to do this by eating foods she enjoys on this home diet delivery program. Francis is not the only known popular celebrity having great success on this diet plan, Maries Osmond, Janet Jackson and Dan Marino just to name a few.

Genie Francis being in the spotlight as playing Laura on General Hospital, has always felt the pressure to be thin. She has spent many years since then trying many different diets. At 52 years old she decided to team up with Nutrisystem after weight, which may have been caused by menopause and other stress related situations. She said that the Nutrisystem program actually taught her how to eat and not to starve herself to lose the pounds. She is well on her way after a thirty pound weight loss. She plans on losing under 20 lbs.

On the Nutrisystem My Way program she never feels deprived. To help keep her weight loss in check she also goes the the gym many times a week working with a personal trainer and doing weight lifting a few times a week.

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