Flirty Girl Fitness Dance Off the Pounds

Flirty Girl Fitness

Flirty Girl Fitness As Seen On TV

The Flirty Girl Fitness is the new hot full body makeover system that takes the world’s sexiest dance moves, from club dancing, music videos, club dancing, even exotic dancing and turns them into fun and fast fat-burning routines that anyone can do.

You are sure to see great results in just 10 days if your follow the fitness program. Have fun working out and watch the pounds melt away.

Lose those extra pounds by dancing them off with the Flirty Girls Fitness workout. Stop doing the boring workouts or exhausting treadmill workouts. Unlock the inner diva in you.

Just imagine having a slender, toned, fabulous body without ever having to do another tedious or boring workout again! Bench presses, stair climbers and treadmills have been replaced by many with kitchen chairs, dance poles and pretty pink feather boas.

This programs makes working out so much fun. You will actually look forward to it! Most workouts involve cumbersome machines and weights or long cardio and aerobic classes that are a chore to get through. These types of workouts can get you in shape, they are just so boring and repetitious that most of us just can’t achieve consistency with the fitness routines. Because of these it makes it very difficult to reach your fitness goals or to achieve the toned body you had hoped for.

The idea behind Flirty Girl Fitness is to make sure that you love working out so much that you’ll make it a regular part of your daily routine. Not because you have to, but because you LOVE to! We take the”work” out of working out and replace it with fun!

Is this fitness program also for men??
Absolutely yes! There is just no reason that men can’t feel fabulous and fit too! At the studio locations for Flirty Girl Fitness they do support an all female environment, but the Flirty Girl Fitness Elite Edition allows them to offer an at home fun for everyone, which includes men! Not all of the workouts involve the use of the removable pole, some may use a regular kitchen chair. Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

So the primary difference with Flirty Girl Fitness Elite Edition is that it includes the signature removable Fitness Pole and you’ll receive more routines!

Flirty Girl Fitness Pole Elite Edition – includes the easy-to-install, light weight, signature removable Fitness Pole which comes with 7 of the super sexy DVDs which include Beginner Pole Dance, Intermediate Pole Dance, Pole Fit, Just Teasing, Chair Dance , Chair Fit, Booty Beat and the unique express routine, Sexy Stretch. Also included is a sexy 6 ft pink feather boa, the Flirty Fit & Fabulous Booklet along with the easy to follow guide and DVD for installing the Fitness Pole.

The Flirty Girl Fitness Pole is not required to be bolted to the ceiling or floor and can be installed or removed in just minutes. It can also be easily stored away for future use.

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