Bowflex Boost Smart Activity Tracker

Bowflex Boost Activity Tracker

The Boost by Bowflex is a smart activity tracker that can be used day and night. It keeps track of your activities, your calories, steps, distance traveled and sleep.

Bowflex Boost

The Bowflex Boost Smart Features:

It keeps track of all your activity which includes steps taken, distance traveled, calories consumed and sleep. It helps you become more goal driven. You can choose from calorie, steps or distance targets. Just tap to see your progress toward your own personal goal.

It is bluetooth enabled and can easily sync to an iPhone 4S, Android 4.3 and other newer devices and no cables are needed. Get social and share your progress with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The Boost has a long battery life with a usb chargeable battery that lasts up to 11 days. It was designed with one simple goal in mind and that was to keep you moving!

The wrist band is designed with Bluetooth Smart technology, which helps to provide extended battery life of up to 11 days and is currently available for iOS devices (4s and higher) and Android devices (4.3 and higher).

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