Adjustable Easy Shaper Pro Home Gym Bar

Easy Shaper Pro by Tony Little

Tony Little’s Easy Shaper Pro is able to provide a total body workout without heavy weights or bulky exercise machines. It only weighs about 1 lb. and has 3 easy pieces to assemble.

Tony Little Gym Easy Shaper

I bet you hate going to the gym. Wouldn’t it be much better if you could work out at home? Tony Little’s easily Adjustable Easy Shaper Pro could just be the right piece of exercise equipment for you. It is so very easy to put together, assembling it is such a cinch. It also breaks down very easy, making it extremely easy to take with you to work or when you travel.

Tony Little knows”You Can Do it!” You can get in better shape with his Easy Shaper Bar and resistance bands. He is one of the most awarded exercise video star and a national fitness hall of fame inductee.

Check out the Features of Tony Little’s Pro Easy Shaper

You Get 5 of Tony’s Personal Trainer workout DVD’s

2 sets of resistance band cords which helps to increase resistance to give you a more effective workouts just by easily changing the cord

One set of cords provides up to 60 lbs of resistance and the other set provides up to 80 lbs of resistance so you can vary your workouts.

Get a 47 page nutritional and exercise guide

Workout chart and user guide

The Pro Easy Shaper allows for full range of motion  and continuous movement with absolutely no need to stop in between your exercises

Tony’s Easy Shaper Pro will provide a complete total body workout and there is no need for bulky gym fitness equipment or dumbbells. It is very portable and lightweight. Breaks down nicely for storage and even travel. The perfect lightweight home gym.

Just about anyone should be able to be successful with the Adjustable EasyShaper Pro! The resistance bands range between 0-75 lbs. So this means it is even tough enough to give bodybuilders a challenge, but also easy enough for beginners. Because it is lightweight and breaks down you can take it with you anywhere. Can even fit in a suitcase!

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