3 Minute Legs Sculpt Legs

3 MINUTE LEGS the revolutionary lower body-sculpting machine that reshapes your problem areas in record time.

The secret is a design breakthrough called guided assistance technology that supports you on the way down and gently assists you on the way up. It unloads stress from your joints so you can sculpt all the muscles in your legs and buns without all the strain on your knees and back. Anyone can do it. 3 MINUTE LEGS makes it fast and fun.

3 MINUTE LEGS sculpting program is based on squats and lunges. They’re two of the most important exercises you can do, because they activate some of the largest muscle groups in your body, burning fat and boosting your metabolism. 3 MINUTE LEGS keeps you centered and balanced, so you use proper form for better results.


Do you hate doing squats and lunges? The 3 minute legs makes this easier for you to do these exercises. Ellen DeGeneres demonstrated on her show just how easy it is to use the 3 minute legs.

Check Out The 3 Minute Legs

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