10 Week Body Change Lose Weight with John Cena

BodyChange Get Slim & Fit

John Cena’s 10 week BodyChange weight loss program will help you to drop pounds effectively and quickly by really increasing your bodies metabolism. The Body Change program is based on three very important pillars.

So who is John Cena you ask? He is pro wrestler and has been on many wrestlemania shows. Let John help you change your body in 10 short weeks.
BodyChange 3 Pillars
The first one is nutrition, then personal exercise and of course motivational coaching. You can really change your life entirely and be that person you have always wanted to be. Let’s talk about the nutrition pillar. You will eat delicious foods, quick with no starving. You will not need to count calories or points like on some other diets. Very simple recipes to follow and cook, even for the whole family.

Start eating more healthier and learn better eating habits with BodyChange! You will learn about foods like fat burners that help to speed up weight loss. Learn what foods to avoid that can actually slow weight loss down. There are even foods called turbo fat burners that kick fat burning into high gear. After you workout have an energy drink of dairy and fruit to boost those energy levels. Then you are sure to like load day. Eat everything and anything, but just one day a week.

Okay onto the fitness portion of this program. Very easy fitness and guess what only twice a week for 20 minutes. Come on now you are sure to be able to find twenty minutes for yourself just twice a week. There are workout videos with John Cena training you. Simple but effective workouts!

Now pillar 3 with your personal coach John Cena motivating you all the way. John holds an impressive degree in exercise physiology. He will teach you his tricks and tips that will keep you going.

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