Nutrisystem and Janet Jackson Team Up

The New Face of Nutrisystem is Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has had a life long struggle with weight. She decided to teamed up with Nutrisystem to get help maintaining a healthy weight and to keep it that way. One of Janet’s main concerns is not only to lose the weight, but to be able to keep it off, maintaining the loss. Nutrisystem meal plan has a great maintenance plan to help there members to stay at a healthy weight.

Janet has been opening up about her struggles with weight. She has written a book in 2011 which is a bestseller “True You”. There was a time in her life when she ballooned up to 180 lbs for a movie role, becoming the butt of many cruel fat jokes in the tabloids.

Now Ms. Jackson has a new role an is the iconic new face for the Nutrisystem brand. She will become the focal point of the SUCCESS campaign and also the co-founder of a new initiative to help combat hunger.

So far Janet has reportedly lost 10 pounds in just over a month on the weight loss system and she has mentioned that she is so impressed by the nutritional science behind the program. Janet realizes there are millions of women like her who want to be successful in losing weight and getting healthy, but they don’t have the tools to do it on their own. She is hoping her story will help to inspire them.

Janet Jackson is a great choice for the new nutrisystem diet food program. She is an iconic celebrity and known by many. Having a celebrity endorse a product helps give the program credibility. The new face of Nutrisystem Food is singer and star Janet Jackson. Now it’s your turn to join this weight loss plan and start you mission of being the best you can be. Eat healthier and start dropping those extra pounds.





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